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Shoreline Management Plan 7

Shoreline Management Plan 7
(Previously Sub-Cell 3C)

Stakeholder Meetings

This page is an index to a variety of documents related to meetings for stakeholders.


Stakeholder Workshops - March/April 2009

The workshops were held in late March/early April 2009 to ask stakeholders to:

  • review the process used to identify possible policy options for the management of the Suffolk coastline;
  • examine the proposed draft policies for each policy zone;
  • ask questions of the experts.

Each workshop dealt solely with one or two Policy Development Zones along the coast and, for the chosen zones, explained the approach used to review the issues, identified what the potential policy options were and how the preferred option was selected – taking into account technical and social implications. The project team is looking for their comments/feedback to help validate the work so that the final draft management policy options can be developed before the full public examination in Summer 2009.

If you wish, you can download a list of the attending Stakeholder organisations.

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