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Shoreline Management Plan 7

Shoreline Management Plan 7
(Previously Sub-Cell 3C)

Estuary Consultation

The Suffolk Estuary & Coasts Conference (June 2008) was held:

  • To share experience gained from dealing with the Blyth Estuary Flood Risk Management Strategy and the first review of the Lowestoft to Felixstowe Shoreline Management Plan;
  • To benefit from the relevant experience in Norfolk on dealing with coast defence policy;
  • To consider future approaches, both nationally and locally, in dealing with further flood and erosion risk management strategies for the Suffolk coast.

The conference presentations can be downloaded here:

The Suffolk Experience Strategically: Jeremy Schofield, Director SCDC (1.5 Mbyte),
The Suffolk Experience Locally: Cllr Sue Allen, Blyth Estuary Group (1.4 Mbyte),

The Norfolk Experience: Cllr Clive Stockton, North Norfolk District Council (0.5 Mbyte).

and also an Attendance List.

The final session at the conference involved discussions in workshops on a series of questions, with each group providing a report-back to the main session. A download is available with details of the workshop groups, their questions and responses.

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